Monday, July 11, 2011

'TV Show' and Tell: FLASHPOINT

One of my favorite things about Toronto is the livelihood of the city. Walking downtown you can see the hustle and bustle of people moving about with places to go and things to do. There is always something going on in the beautiful city, even the filming of movies and TV shows.
Flashpoint CTV
FLASHPOINT is one of those TV Shows that I am hooked on. With a cast of many Canadians, this cop drama is doing a great job to embody Canadian television series. The intense series follows a fictional SRU (Strategic Response Unit) who tries to settle extreme circumstances.  Each episode revolves around thrilling new plots making the show very suspenseful.

Personally, I love how you get to know the individual members who make up the SRU. Allowing the audience to understand the characters’ personal lives helps the police drama seem more realistic: members of an SRU are humans too who live their own lives and have their own problems. 

On July 8, 2011, Flashpoint premiered its fourth season on CTV. (The show also broadcasts on CBS.) It was a great start to the new season with a foreshadowing of exciting things to come. 

I can’t wait for the next episode!

You can catch the new episode of Flashpoint on Friday July 15, 2011 at 8:00 p.m. on CTV or watch them online at the following websites:



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