Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Look Book

When I’m looking through magazines, I tend to find pictures of things that I like so I clip them out and put them in something I call my Look Book. My Look Book is basically just a binder that I have created that exhibits my collection of things that I like.

Creating your very own Look Book is easy. It’s fun too! It’s kind of like scrapbooking and making your very own magazine.
All you need is:
✿a binder
plastic covers (helps protect your pages from getting ripped. Also, it gives your pages a glossy effect just like in a real magazine!)
✿lots and lots of photos from magazines for inspiration : )

After I started accumulating different pictures I realized that my Look Book would look more organized if I placed them in categories. The categories help sort what those specific things are. Here is a list of some of the categories I use:

‘Shopportunity’ of the week: Any sales that are going on that week for things that I want to check out and/or purchase.  Usually from flyers, ads, etc..

Perfumes- Fragrances that I like and may want to purchase, samples.
Fashion- Outfits that are already put together. Gives me ideas for how I can put together something similar at a more affordable price!

Inspiration outfits- Outfits I put together based on  a picture I like and want to try and replicate. I usually make these on the computer by copying and pasting different items onto the same page. I try to compare each product separately and then decide which product I like better.

Here I got inspired by Wynter Gordon’s outfit for my birthday. I ended up buying this color blocked tube dress from Forever 21 and some gold, dangly, leaf earrings from ALDO. For my shoes I debated whether to get the nude peep toes from  ALDO, or some gorgeous Steve Madden pumps (I settled for the Steve Maddens and splurged…after all , it was my birthday ; ) )

Product comparisons- Similar to inspiration outfit above, I lay out pictures of the similar things I want to buy, and then decide what I rather buy by evaluating the pros and cons.

Beauty- Specific things or items that I like in a picture (e.g. nail polish, shirts, accessories, makeup products). I usually want to find dupes for what I see in the picture.

Here I really liked the contrast of the model’s coral top with the neon yellow layer underneath. I also liked her coral nail polish, so I managed to find an Essie ad where they had similar colors.
I really liked the ring that Eva Mendes was wearing in the left hand corner picture.  I found something similar at ALDO.
Makeup- techniques, tips, celebrity inspired makeup photos.
You never know what kind of tips you can find in magazines.
This article helps you find the best bronzer according to your skin tone
Here it shows you easy steps to achieving a smokey eye

Start your own Look Book Today! Let me know of any other catergories you make!

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