Monday, July 25, 2011

Review: Wembé Organic Products


Growing up my Mom has frequently used organic products to help me get better when I am sick. These types of natural ingredients hold some pretty amazing properties that help ‘clean’ your immune system from a cold or virus. 

If using natural ingredients inside our bodies can be beneficial, then why not use organic products to help take care of our bodies on the outside?

It seems these days that many products we use on our skin are full of chemicals and other substances that can not only be bad for your body, but for the environment as well.
However, organic products are getting more popular. 

Wembé, an organic, vegan and earth-friendly company based in New York helps develop products such as their Moisturizing Blends, Exfoliating Blends, etc. with natural ingredients from the Amazon rainforest of Paraguay. The organic ingredients used in Wembé ‘s products contain rare essential oils that not only make your skin feel better, but they are good for you as well. 

Wembé was kind enough to send me two of their Cleansing Blends to try for myself:
Wembe Citric Cleansing Blend

Wembe Citric Cleansing Blend

The first Cleansing Blend soap I received is called the Citric Cleansing Blend. This soap is described as anexotic blend that is made for normal to oily skin and those searching for adventure”. This soap is definitely energizing as it smells so fresh thanks to the juices it contains from oranges, limes and lemons. It also helps cleanse pores, bringing relief to greasy skin.

 Wembe Snow Cleansing Blend

Wembe Snow Cleansing Blend
The other Cleansing Blend I received is called the Snow Cleansing Blend. This bar has been one of my favs. It is supposed to be perfect for hot and humid summers because of its properties that help reduce sweating while refreshing the skin. Every time I use this bar it makes my skin feel really ‘cool’ just like snow would feel. I love how clean my face feels after I use it! 

If you want to experience the great benefits of Wembé’s products visit http://www.wembe.com/

They have Cleansing Blends to suit anybody’s desire! From Mango to Passion Fruit and even Dulce De Leche!  (Sounds good enough to eat :) )

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