Thursday, March 1, 2012

Escada Rockin' Rio Perfume

I recently rediscovered one of my favourite perfumes that I used to wear in high school. It’s called Rockin’ Rio by Escada.

If you like scents that are fruity, tropical, sweet and citrusy then you will definitely enjoy this one.  Rockin’ Rio reminds me of a signature scent of summer. It takes me to the beach with all the sunshine and plays it up with the scent of fruity cocktails. 

The top notes include pineapple, sweet mandarin orange, and papaya, followed by juicy peach and sugar cane as the middle notes. The base notes are dominated by coconut, sandalwood and musk. Overall, I would say this perfume is more of a daytime perfume because the notes are a little more playful than flirty.
Escada Rockin Rio
As you can see I have a little bit remaining in the bottle. A while ago I realized that this scent was actually limited edition so that it was unavailable to repurchase unless I looked around. However, I recently saw that Rockin’ Rio has been re-released as a limited edition scent again- just in time for the summer!

The apparent difference is the bottle, which remains the same shape, but the texture is more smooth and the colours do not have the same gradient effect from fluorescent pink to yellow. Instead we see a bright orange to yellow gradient with the bottom of the bottle transparent.

Rockin’ Rio is available for $61 at Shopper Drug Mart for a 50ml bottle.

Escada Rockin Rio