Friday, July 29, 2011

NEW! Sigma Brush Cup Holder

Looking for a sleek container to store your make up brushes?

How about a container that turns into 2 separate compartments so you are able to divide your eye brushes from your face brushes?

In addition to all that, how about a container that can be used for travel…

Well, it’s finally here! You can now purchase Sigma’s Brush Cup Holder!
Sigma Brush Cup Holder

Sigma Brush Cup Holder

Sigma Brush Cup Holder
This sleek black container will not only help you organize your make up brushes, but it will also look great on your vanity!

Previously only available with the Sigma 12 Brush Kits e.g. Sigma 12 Brush Kit - Make Me Classy, this popular container will now be able to store all your brushes!
Sigma Make Me Classy
Get yours today! 

Don't forget! Get a FREE gift with your purchase of $30 or more!

For a limited time Sigma Beauty has a NEW free gift! Spend $75 and receive a FREE mini eye shadow palette!
What a great way to try before you buy! 

Live far away? 
Solution: Sigma ships Worldwide!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Danier Crossbody Bags vs. Roots Classic Crossbody Flat Bags

Lately I’ve been really lazy to carry around a handbag. If I need to run some errands I just grab a little wristlet clutch and head out the door. 

Roots Classic Flat Bags have always been very popular. They are sleek and sit perfectly across your body so you do not need to constantly readjust the straps from falling off your shoulder.  Retailing for $138CAD, however, they may not suit everyone’s budget.
Roots Classic Crossbody Flat Bags
Danier, a popular leather store has recently come out with a line of its own flat crossbody bags. Not only is the price a little more wallet-friendly ($69CAD), but they are also available in a wide range of beautiful colors.

Danier Crossbody Flat Bags

Danier Crossbody Flat Bags

Danier Crossbody Flat Bags

A few days ago I was asked to participate in an online survey for Danier and I found out that Danier will be coming out with more styles for flat cross-body bags. If you are interested keep checking back on the danier website www.danier.com to find out when they will be released.  I know I will be!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat

There have been many variations of the OPI Shatter Nail Polishes.

The latest company to come out with their own version of this ‘shattered’ effect nail polish is Sally Hansen.

I first noticed Sally Hansen’s Crackle Overcoat nail polishes in a Wal-Mart ad a couple of days ago. They are being retailed for $5.97. 

Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat

Here is the range of colors that have been released:

I’m definitely interested in experimenting with this unique nail polish to try out this exotic look. Let me know how this nail polish works for you!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Review: Wembé Organic Products


Growing up my Mom has frequently used organic products to help me get better when I am sick. These types of natural ingredients hold some pretty amazing properties that help ‘clean’ your immune system from a cold or virus. 

If using natural ingredients inside our bodies can be beneficial, then why not use organic products to help take care of our bodies on the outside?

It seems these days that many products we use on our skin are full of chemicals and other substances that can not only be bad for your body, but for the environment as well.
However, organic products are getting more popular. 

Wembé, an organic, vegan and earth-friendly company based in New York helps develop products such as their Moisturizing Blends, Exfoliating Blends, etc. with natural ingredients from the Amazon rainforest of Paraguay. The organic ingredients used in Wembé ‘s products contain rare essential oils that not only make your skin feel better, but they are good for you as well. 

Wembé was kind enough to send me two of their Cleansing Blends to try for myself:
Wembe Citric Cleansing Blend

Wembe Citric Cleansing Blend

The first Cleansing Blend soap I received is called the Citric Cleansing Blend. This soap is described as anexotic blend that is made for normal to oily skin and those searching for adventure”. This soap is definitely energizing as it smells so fresh thanks to the juices it contains from oranges, limes and lemons. It also helps cleanse pores, bringing relief to greasy skin.

 Wembe Snow Cleansing Blend

Wembe Snow Cleansing Blend
The other Cleansing Blend I received is called the Snow Cleansing Blend. This bar has been one of my favs. It is supposed to be perfect for hot and humid summers because of its properties that help reduce sweating while refreshing the skin. Every time I use this bar it makes my skin feel really ‘cool’ just like snow would feel. I love how clean my face feels after I use it! 

If you want to experience the great benefits of Wembé’s products visit http://www.wembe.com/

They have Cleansing Blends to suit anybody’s desire! From Mango to Passion Fruit and even Dulce De Leche!  (Sounds good enough to eat :) )

Friday, July 22, 2011

Shop the Look for Less: Ft. Buffalo Jeans

Buffalo Jeans

As I have mentioned previously in my Look Book post I love finding inspiration outfits and recreating them. This time I got a promotional coupon in the mail for the clothing line called Buffalo by David Bitton www.buffalojeans.com and I immediately fell in love with one of the outfits.

The first thing that caught my eye was the necklace. I own something very similar so I knew I would have fun trying to recreate this look.  

Forever 21 has got to be one of my favorite stores. You can always find something that you are looking for and for a reasonable price!

Here are the pieces I chose to recreate this look for less:

Romper: There were so many rompers with beautiful patterns to choose from. Here are my favorites:
Forever 21 Flowers and Ruffles Romper 

Forever 21 Floral Woven Romper

Cropped Denim Jacket: I was so happy to find this piece. It looks pretty much identical to the Buffalo one. The color is just a bit darker! Still gorgeous though :)
Forever 21- Cropped Denim Jacket
Forever 21 Cropped Denim Jacket

Belt: These belts have braiding detail just like the model is wearing!
Forever 21- Braided Metallic Leatherette Belt 

If you have any inspiration photos try looking at the Forever 21 Website to see if you can recreate the look for less!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Time Nails

Even if you are not a big fan of putting on accessories like earrings, necklaces, rings, etc. or carrying around the latest trendsetting handbags there is one accessory that you can always play up: your nails!

The best part about your nails as an accessory is that you can easily change them  just by applying a different shade of nail polish! 

Personally, I tend to always gravitate toward pink shades when it comes to nail polish ( I even end up buying similar shades thinking I don’t have ‘that’ pink shade). I also love to find shades that suit a good tan in the summer! Here are some of my lucky 7 picks:

1) Borghese- Raspberry Sorbetto (bright Fuschsia)- One of my favorites atm! The color is so opaque! All you need is one coat! 
Borghese- Raspberry Sorbetto

Borghese- Raspberry Sorbetto

Borghese- Raspberry Sorbetto

2) L.A. Colors- Lightning (neon pink)
L.A. Colors- Lightning
L.A. Colors- Lightning

3) L.A. Colors - Magnetic  Force (coral with gold shimmer)
L.A. Colors- Magnetic Force

L.A. Colors- Magnetic Force

4) Joe Fresh- Coral- (light coral pink)
Joe Fresh Coral

Joe Fresh Coral

5) Avon- Tangtastic  (vibrant red with orange undertone)
Avon Tangtastic

Avon Tangtastic

6) Forever 21 Love& Beauty- nude? ( pink beige with a little shimmer) Wearing nude colors on your nails not only make your fingers look longer, but they also make you look like you have a little tan!
Forever 21 Nude nail polish
7)  Essie- Mint Candy Apple (pastel blue green) Pastel colored bikinis are very popular this summer,  so why not extend those beautiful colors on your nails!
Essie Mint Candy Apple

Essie Mint Candy Apple
Clearly there are enough colors for nail polish no matter what color you like. Go ahead, choose a color that matches your mood this summer! :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Dupes: Stila Make Me Blush Palette and Physicans Formula Happy Booster Blush

I was flipping through some old magazines and came across a blush that reminded me of the Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush. The Make Me Blush Palette by Stila had multi-colored, mosaic heart details in its compact similar to the Happy Booster Blush.

Stila Make Me Blush Palette
Stila Make Me Blush Palette

 Physicians Formula Happy Booster Bronzer and Blush

Stila Make Me Blush Palette dupe
Then I was looking through the Shoppers Drug Mart flyer for this week and noticed that Physicians Formula has a special promotion this week where you receive the Happy Booster Bronzer for FREE with the purchase of the Happy Booster Blush. So for the cute blush and bronzer compacts all you pay is $20.99!
Physicians Formula Sale
The Stila blush advertised for $14, so paying $20.99, the Physicians Formula blush and bronzer come to $10.50 each! 

Check out your local Shoppers Drug Mart if you’re interested!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Finishing Products: Soap & Glory- Flake Away

I am not one who likes to let things go to waste. My mom always told me “finish this, then you can open the new one”.  When it comes to makeup and other beauty products the only things I have completely finished using are things such as mascara, eyeliner, foundation, lip balm etc. Rarely have I finished blush or lipsticks. The reason:  probably because I opened or bought new ones before I could have the chance to finish the others.
Flake Away Soap & Glory

Flake Away Soap & Glory
Recently I finished using up a body scrub by Soap and Glory called Flake Away. I had purchased the product from Shoppers Drug Mart a while back and the tub contained so much product that I knew it would last me a long time. All you needed was a small amount to exfoliate both your legs.

The scrub, described as a shea butter, sugar, and peach seed powder spa body polish ‘was’ a grainy yellow substance that had a very pleasant smell. After washing it off, the oils in the scrub left my skin completely soft and silky. 

For the price and the amount of product that you get in the container, this is definitely one of those deals worth getting your hands on. 
Now that I have finished using of all this product I won't feel guilty for buying another body scrub! I feel like trying some other body scrubs. I'm interested in trying some more organic products so if you have any ideas let me know! 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Grab the Deal: Sigma Brush Kits

Sigma or MAC? MAC Cosmetics is greatly known for its line of makeup products and brushes, but when it comes to the brushes, they can be quite expensive (especially for a student like me!)

A great dupe for MAC brushes includes the line of brushes that Sigma Beauty has created. They are virtually the same! For this blog post I have created a comparison of the two brands’ brushes. At the end I have also included the dramatic price difference if you were to buy all 12 of the comparable MAC brushes instead of any of the Sigma Brush Kits mentioned.

 Eye Brushes
Eye Liner Brush

Pencil Brush
Sigma E30 vs MAC 219
Tapered Blending Brush 
Sigma E40 vs MAC 224
Eye Shading Brush
Sigma E55 vs MAC 239
Large Shading Brush
Sigma E60 vs MAC 249
Small Angle Brush
Sigma E65 vs MAC 263
Medium Angled Shading Brush
 Sigma E70 vs MAC 275
 Face Brushes 
Large Powder Brush
Sigma F30 vs MAC 150

Large Angled Contour Brush
Sigma F40 vs MAC 168
Duo Fibre Brush
Sigma F50 vs MAC 187 
Foundation Brush
Sigma F60 vs MAC 190
Concealer Brush
Sigma F70 vs MAC 194
Here are the great options that you can purchase from Sigma for a great price!

Complete Kit Without Brush Roll                                                $79
Sigma 12 Brushes Without Roll

-includes the 12 brushes seen in the picture above

12 Brush Kit                                                                            $99
This kit is similar to the Complete Kit, except that it is way more fun! In addition to the 12 colored-handle brushes, the kit also includes a matching container to separate and hold them! The handles come in 4 different colors including:

Aqua (Make me Cool)  
Sigma Make me Cool Aqua
 Black (Make me Classy) 
Sigma Make me Classy Black
 Coral (Make me Blush) 
Sigma Make me Blush Coral
Purple (Make me Crazy)  

Sigma Make me Crazy Purple

Here comes the price difference you’ve been waiting for…

If you were to buy all 12 of the MAC brushes listed above you would spend $402!

That means you SAVE:
$323 if you buy the Complete Kit Without Brush Roll and
$303 for the 12 Brush Kit with the colored-handles and storage container!
So, if you are looking for a brush kit, whether you are starting off or even an expert, purchase Sigma brushes today! 

Click on the Sigma Kit that interests you above and it will take you directly to the site to get more information. Otherwise please visit http://www.sigmabeauty.com/?Click=6384 to check out the other great products that Sigma has to offer!

Shop now and you get a FREE GIFT with your purchase of $30 or more! 

UPDATED: AUGUST 3, 2011- For a limited time Sigma Beauty has a NEW free gift! Receive a FREE mini eye shadow palette with a purchase of $75!