Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wet n Wild Mega Last Lipsticks

I have been on the search to find the perfect 'nude' lipstick for some time now. Awhile ago, thinking that I needed a literal 'nude' colour I purchased MAC's myth - an ULTIMATE nude lipstick.
MAC Myth lipstick

Myth completely mutes out my lips and makes me look washed out. The colour is almost concealer like and I find that it does not work with my skin tone very well unless I apply some type of a gloss over it.
MAC Myth lipstick
MAC Myth with sheer gloss on top
After thinking more about what I was looking for as a 'nude' lip color- I realized I wanted a lipstick that was closer to my natural  lip colour. 

After searching, I have finally found something that I am content with- WetnWild's MEGA LAST® LIP COLOR. I picked up 2 colors (Rose Bud 904B and In the Flesh 912C) from Zellers which is the only place I know that sells WnW cosmetics in Canada.
 Wetnwild 912c in the flesh, 904b rose bud
Left: 912C In the Flesh, Right: 904B Rose Bud

 Wetnwild 912c in the flesh, 904b rose bud
Left: 912C In the Flesh, Right: 904B Rose Bud
 Wetnwild 912c in the flesh, 904b rose bud
Left: 912C In the Flesh, Right: 904B Rose Bud
In the states these lipsticks retail for $2.99. Living in Canada, I had to pay $3.99CAD. Even for that extra dollar I would say that these lip sticks are worth the price. 

These colors are the perfect neutral shades. They are matte which I love and they glide on quite smoothly. I typically wear a lip balm underneath so they don't feel drying whatsoever.
 Wetnwild 904b rose bud
 904B Rose Bud
Rose bud is a slightly more pink color which matches the natural pigmentation of my lips quite well.

 Wetnwild 912c in the flesh
912C In the Flesh
In the Flesh is a bit more warm with a brown undertone to it. Out of the two, I would say I like this one the most!

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with these lip sticks. The only downside I would say involves the packaging. The actual name is not on the lip stick itself. There is only the numbering system which is on the bottom of the tube. Other than that, I am looking forward to trying some other Wet n Wild cosmetics!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Aviator Sunglasses

I have been wanting a pair of aviator sunglasses for some time now. Other than the classic style there is just something about them which I love. Whether you’re dressed casually or trying to achieve that rocker chic style a pair of aviators will complete any look.

Victoria Beckham Aviators
Victoria Beckham in Ray Ban Aviators
Angelina Jolie Aviators
Angelina Jolie in Oliver Peoples Aviators
I was on the search to buy a new pair of aviator style sunglasses so I visited 3 websites that I thought may have a pair with my name on it. I wasn’t looking for anything expensive, but I still had some criteria for them to meet.

I wanted them to have gold rims, a tan, brown lens, and some extra detailing on the sides.

Here are the three pairs I saw:

ALDO NEILS Aviators- $12
Le Chateau Rose Gold Aviator Sunglasses

H&M Aviator Sunglasses
After going to all three stores to make my decision I decided on the beautiful pair from Aldo! I just loved the detailing on the arms and thought the quality was the best. 

It just goes to show that the most expensive pair aren't necessarily going to be the best ones.
The next thing on my list is to buy a case for them. Aldo always has some great cases and they only cost $8! Currently the only case they have available is the one below called MCCOVERY. I've seen some really nice styles before, so I'm going to wait until they bring them out for the new season. 

What are you favourite pair of sunglasses?