Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nivea Lip Butter- Vanilla and Macadamia

I am always a fan of trying new lip products, especially lip balms, chapsticks or lip butters. 

Nivea came out with its own version of a lip butter not too long ago. I read many blogs that said that there were four delicous scents including Caramel Cream Kiss, Raspberry Rosé Kiss, Vanilla and Macadamia Kiss, and an original called Smooth Kiss. I was really excited about getting my hands on Raspberry Rosé Kiss and Vanilla and Macadamia Kiss. However, I soon came to realize that only two out of the four types would be available in Canada. Why does this always happen!! :( 

I noticed some things that are different about the Canadian Nivea lip butters compared to the ones found in the United States. 

1. The first thing I want to point out is that the names are a bit different on the Canadian packaging. The names of all the scents in the States end with 'Kiss'. However, the ones in Canada are less 'exciting'. For example, the original one is not called Smooth Kiss, it is just referred to 'Original' (how original..). Then there is the other one called Vanilla and Macadamia, which I picked up. 

Nivea Lip butter Vanilla and Macadamia
Nivea Lip butter Vanilla and Macadamia

2. The second thing I noticed was the difference in the packaging. The lip butters in Canada and the States come in tins. However, instead of having the safety seal on the tin, the tins come in cardboard packaging. I definitely would have preferred to have the safety seal on the tin so I would be more confident that nobody has touched the product with their fingers. The cardboard packaging does not ensure any sense of security because people can easily take the lip butters out of the cardboard.

Nivea Lip butter Vanilla and Macadamia

3. The final difference I noticed involves the ingredients. I noticed that the first ingredient on some of the US packaging is Petrolatum. In Canada, this ingredient is absent. There is some controversy about the use of Petrolatum in cosmetics as there are a lot of safety concerns about the use of the ingredient in products. Here is a website with more information http://www.besthealthmag.ca/look-great/skin/the-truth-about-petrolatum

Nivea Lip butter Vanilla and Macadamia

Vanilla and Macadamia Review
Product (5/5): I am a big fan of vanilla. Therefore, I had to pick up the Vanilla and Macadamia scent of the Nivea lip butters. To me, this flavour smells like chocolate Kinder Surprises! In the tin, the lip butter is white. The consistency is really smooth and leaves your lips quite moisturized. Some people have said that the lip butters leave a white-cast on the lips. I did not notice that. Instead, I noticed that they leave my lips quite shiny and hydrated. Unless you are slabbing on a huge amount of the product on your lips, I do not foresee the colour to be opaque either.

Packaging (4/5): The problem with tins is the fact that they are unsanitary because you have to stick your finger in it. It definitely is not as convenient as a stick or tube form, but at the same time I kind of like how its in a tin form. Also, I keep this product beside by bed and only apply at night, so I can make sure my hands are always clean.

Price and Place (4/5): I did not find these lip butters to be readily accessible. I went to various places such as Shoppers Drug Mart and Target, but could not find them there. Nonetheless, I ended up purchasing mine from Walmart for a decent price of $2.82.

Final Say: If you are a lip junkie like me, this is something to add to your collection. Even if you are not, you should try it out anyways, especially since the price is affordable. I just wish the other scents were available for my Canadian gals! 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Milani Color Statement Lipsticks

After hearing so much hype about the Milani Color Statement Lipsticks I knew I had to give them a try for myself. The only thing was, I did not know if they were available in Canada.

I knew that Milani cosmetics were sold at Loblaws and Real Canadian Superstores, but was skeptical about whether these new lipsticks would be sold in those places. I remembered the last time I looked at the Milani displays (which was a LONG time ago), I left diappointed because they did not contain the products that I wanted :( .

However, last week when I went to the Superstore I left quite happy as I had found the lipsticks I was looking for! 

Milani color statement lipstick

The Milani display was stocked with the whole collection of the Color Statement lipsticks. The two that I immediately gravitated towards were Flamingo Pose and Nude Creme. 

Milani color statement lipstick
Over the past few weeks I have watched many reviews on YouTube for these lipsticks. These two specific colours were two of my favourite colours.

Flamingo Pose: I love the vibrancy of Flamingo Pose. This coral/red colour is perfect for the spring and summer seasons. I know I will be wearing it quite a lot, especially during the summer when I like to do minimal eye makeup. A bold pop of colour on the lips will make anybody look bright and summery! This shade has a sheen, but no shimmer.

Nude Creme: When it comes to nude lipsticks, I usually have a hard time finding a shade that suits my skin tone. One of the first nude lipsticks I ever purchased was Myth from MAC. When I apply Myth it literally looks like I have smeared concealer on my lips. Therefore, I only wear it if I mix it with another lipstick to tone it down. On the other hand, Nude Creme has become the definition of the perfect nude lipstick for my skin tone. This lipstick is a nude pink with a peach undertone, making it wearable. This lipstick has definitely become my everyday lipstick colour. This colour also has no shimmer. 

Milani color statement lipstick 

Milani color statement lipstick
Top: Flamingo Pose Bottom: Nude Creme
Formula: (5/5) These lipsticks have easily become my favourite ones in my collection. They are soo creamy and very pigmented. What I also love about them is how moisturizing they are! I have found that Flamingo Pose leaves a bit of stain once it wears off. So, I would assume the bright colours will tend to do the same, which is nice.

Scent: (4/5) As soon as you open the tube you will be surrounded by the aroma of watermelon jolly ranchers! Yum! Personally, I love the scent, but if you are sensitive to scents then this may be a deal breaker for you :( 

Milani color statement lipstick

 Packaging: (5/5) Looking at the packaging above, you may think you are looking at a high-end lipstick. The gold tube is so sleek and reminds me of the Yves Saint Laurent lipstick packaging. I also find the bottom of the tube very convenient for checking the colour of the lipstick. So, if you are storing your lipsticks upside down you can quickly find the colour you want to use!