Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Danier Crossbody Bags vs. Roots Classic Crossbody Flat Bags

Lately I’ve been really lazy to carry around a handbag. If I need to run some errands I just grab a little wristlet clutch and head out the door. 

Roots Classic Flat Bags have always been very popular. They are sleek and sit perfectly across your body so you do not need to constantly readjust the straps from falling off your shoulder.  Retailing for $138CAD, however, they may not suit everyone’s budget.
Roots Classic Crossbody Flat Bags
Danier, a popular leather store has recently come out with a line of its own flat crossbody bags. Not only is the price a little more wallet-friendly ($69CAD), but they are also available in a wide range of beautiful colors.

Danier Crossbody Flat Bags

Danier Crossbody Flat Bags

Danier Crossbody Flat Bags

A few days ago I was asked to participate in an online survey for Danier and I found out that Danier will be coming out with more styles for flat cross-body bags. If you are interested keep checking back on the danier website www.danier.com to find out when they will be released.  I know I will be!


  1. Im not really into this kind of bags, but my sister probably like it~ :D

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