Monday, July 4, 2011

Tutorial: How to Wing Eye Liner

I got requested to explain an easy way to do winged eye liner by the lovely Ysis from Le Beauty Group (check out her blog!) Depending on your eye shape, your eye liner may look different. Also, people may prefer to do their eyeliner using their own technique. I have come up with general directions in hopes of helping those who want to learn how to create that perfect wing!

 Step 1: Follow your lower lash line and draw a line at the same angle going up  

Step 2: From the end of the line you created in Step 1, draw another line to form a ‘triangle’ shape  

Step 3: Fill in your ‘triangle’

Step 4: With short strokes, draw a line along your lash line connecting the ‘triangle’ as go along. You can make it as thick as you want. As you get closer to the inner corner try to make it thinner so that it doesn’t close off your eye too much! DONE!

I hope I helped with these steps. Let me know how it turns out! And remember, you can use any color eye liner to do this! Try using eye shadow if you are first starting out (its easier to wipe off any mistakes :) ).  
It’s important not to get discouraged if you mess up. Practice, practice, practice!


  1. OMG!!! Thank you so much for this, hun... I've been dying to find a step-by-step perfect winged eyeliner tutorial. Finally!!!!

    I'll try this tomorrow and I'll send you pic on twitter so you can see :))

    It looks amazing on you!


  2. @Le Beauty Group I'm glad I can help!!