Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tight-lining Your Eyes

I’m sure we have all heard of lining our water line (bottom portion of the eye near the lower lashline) with eye liner, but what about the ‘tight-line’?

For those of you who don’t know, the tight-line is near the top lash line, closer to the eyeball. This area can be very scary to apply eyeliner because it is so close to the eye. Similar to lining your waterline, tight-lining can give you the appearance of fuller upper lashes!

Numerous times I see girls pushing their eyelid up with their fingers in order to reach the ‘tight-line’ area. I also hear that you shouldn’t  pull or tug on the skin near your eye, so why pull to tight-line?

My solution is to tight-line when applying mascara
To tight-line while applying mascara use one hand to lift your lashes up with the mascara wand and your other hand to smooth on the eye liner. It gives you more control!

While you apply your mascara you are lifting your lashes anyway, and it also makes it easier to reach your tight-line. I find this technique to be much more gentle and easier than using you finger because at the same time you are pushing your lashes upward with the mascara wand.

Try this technique out for yourself! Using waterproof eyeliner on the tight-line will also make your liner stay on longer. Let me know how it works for you!


  1. That's an interesting way of tight-lining. I've never thought about doing it this way, but it seems perfectly reasonable.

    I normally only tight-line my lower lashline because my top eyelashes are quite full and long naturally, so I only need some volume on the bottom, but I'll give that a try :)


  2. @Le Beauty Group :) I never used to tight-line the upper lash line at all because I didn't like touching that part of my eye lol. I then started to apply my mascara and realized that it would be easier for me this way :) It makes such a difference!