Thursday, June 30, 2011

'TV Show ' and Tell: Cupcake Wars

Am I the only one who gets extremely hungry when watching the Food Network? I’ve recently become obsessed with one specific show called Cupcake Wars. On the show, four contestants compete for $10,000 by creating unique cupcakes based on that episode’s theme. 
Each round a contestant is eliminated by a panel of judges who evaluate the cupcakes.
In Round One the cupcakes are solely based on taste. (Where do I sign up?)
Round Two calls for the contestants to step it up a notch with their presentation skills as well as taste. (So much effort goes into creating the exquisite details in each cupcake. They look almost too good to eat!)        
In the final round (Round Three),  two contestants compete to each make their own unique display for 1000 cupcakes to symbolize the episode’s theme. The judges then pick a winner!
In one episode, the contestant made a sleigh and Christmas Tree made of cupcake
Tune in Thursdays at 9pm on the Food Network if you want to check it out. My mouth is already watering…

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