Saturday, June 25, 2011

'TV Show ' and Tell: NY Ink

NY Ink on TLC
I thought I would expand on my blog and introduce a new element to talk about TV shows that I enjoy watching and that you might enjoy too!
I used to love watching Miami Ink so when I heard that Ami James was moving his business (sadly without Chris Nunez..*tear*) to NY, I knew I had found my summer go-to program.
I love how the show focuses on individual stories behind why each person is getting a new tattoo and what it represents. Some of the stories are really touching.
Ami James is a sick tattoo artist and he has brought along many other talented individuals to his new shop, including Tim Hendricks from past Ink seasons. Some new faces include Tommy Montoya, Billy, Chris Torres, and the only girl tattoo artist who is steppin' it up in the shop, Megan Massacre.
One of my favorite new guys has to be Robear. He is jokes. One of the memorable moments that first got me was in episode 2 (The Gloves Are Off) when Chris Torres rubbed off Megan's eyebrows. Here's the clip...

AMI JAMES: What the fuck is wrong with you people?
AMI JAMES: What. The. Fuck..happened to your face?..."

Definitely my favorite quote of the season so far haha. I give Robear's seriousness 5 stars!

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