Friday, June 24, 2011

Homemade Instant Self-Tanner?

CoverGirl Golden Sunrise Mineral Bronzer
Last year I purchased three of the CoverGirl TruBlend Minerals products (bronzer, blush, loose powder) because they were on sale. I thought I was going to like them because 1) the colors looked nice 2) a lot of product came in the packaging 3) how can you not like a sale?...but to my surprise I got overwhelmed by the shimmer.
I have said that I am a fan of shimmer, but not to this extent. (I can’t believe anybody would put on that much shimmer on their face, especially as a loose powder). After debating what I should do with them I simply put them away in my storage drawers never to consider them again…until now that is.
Vaseline Cocoa Butter
I have been using Vaseline Cocoa Butter for many years now (its my HG body lotion). I absolutely love the smell and it makes my skin ultra smooth. I had been thinking about ways to make my legs glow without using self-tanners (I hate the smell), and until I could tan them enough outside, when I discovered something that could work.
I tried to mix a bit of the lotion with my Golden Sunrise mineral Bronzer and applied it on my legs. To my surprise it actually turned out to my liking. I definitely got the glow I was looking for thanks to the shimmer, and because the bronzer was a darker color, my legs also looked like they were already tanned!
I would say I am happy that I have finally found a way to use the CoverGirl TruBlend Minerals products. I tried mixing the loose powder and it turned out to have the same effect as the bronzer, except that it was a bit lighter. As for the blush, I haven’t tried mixing that yet, but I will see how it goes. (I think because it is a very light color it might not look that great, but I might see if I can use it as a highlighter somehow…)
So, if anybody else has products in their drawers that they never want to look at again I suggest experimenting with them to see what good can come out of them. You might end up liking them after all!

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