Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Go-To Summer Scent

I’ve always been a fan of sugary, sweet smells like cotton candy and cupcakes when it comes to perfume. One of my first perfumes was the Britney Spears Fantasy perfume. I remember whenever I went to the department store I would spritz a bit of it onto my wrist and smell the sweet scent for the rest of the day. Eventually, when I made my purchase, Fantasy became by signature scent and I always got compliments when I wore it.

Growing up though, I’ve also become a fan of some more sensual and mature scents. Most recently I’ve fallen in love with Paco Rabanne’s Lady Million and Versace’s Versus. I have yet to purchase those ones, but for the summer time I have found my signature scent: Roberto Cavalli’s Just Cavalli for Her.
Roberto Cavalli Just Cavalli Her

 I would describe this scent as fruity (more like citrus) and a bit florally. Perfect for the summer!

As for the packaging, the bottle is kind of odd..It’s rectangular in shape with one side being plastic and extremely plain (smooth with the words “Just Cavalli Her” printed on). The other side has textured glass which gives it some design. At least the fragrance makes up for it! :]


  1. I've never tried any of them, but I'll definitely check them out! At the moment I've been wearing Ghost, which had a lovely flowery scent to it. I think you'd like it :)

    But my signature smell has always been Chanel N. 5! Quite different from Ghost, much stronger, but I just love it!

    Keep blogging, dear! I'll tweet your blog to my followers :)


  2. @LeBeautyGroup You are such a sweetheart! I really appreciate your support. I'm just happy to finally have started doing something that I have always read and watched others do on youtube :) It's really fun and I respect all the hard work that goes into running a blog!