Monday, August 29, 2011

Mark. Juice Gems Lip Gloss

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Lancome's Juicy Tubes, then mark. may have what you are looking for!

I own five of the mark. juice gems and absolutely love them. They smell amazing (each one has its own unique scent) and apply very smoothly without being too sticky. Some of the colors in the tube are very vibrant, however when applied, they are actually a little more sheer. Personally, I rather have a more sheer lip gloss, especially if I am putting it on top of lip stick, because I would want my lip stick color to show through. 

Otherwise, If I am just applying a little lip gloss to my lips without lip stick I am usually just looking to give them a little shine, with a tad tint of color, so I find these lip glosses to do the trick.

Here are the five mark. juice gems I own:
mark juice gems lip gloss

mark juice gems juicy honeydew
 mark. juice gems- Juicy Honey Dew 
*milky nude gloss with pink shimmer

mark juice gems juicy mango tango
 mark. juice gems- Juicy Mango Tango
*orange coral with golden shimmer

mark juice gems juicy papaya
 mark. juice gems- Juicy Papaya
*pink with silver shimmer

mark juice gems juicy pomegranate
  mark. juice gems- Juicy Pomegranate
*looks like neon pink in the tube, applies more sheer
(no shimmer) 
mark juice gems juicy snow peach
 mark. juice gems- Juicy Snow Peach
*peachy pink
(no shimmer)

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