Thursday, August 11, 2011

August Glymm Box

SPOLIER ALERT! If you have not recieved your August Glymm Box yet then do not read on!

I awoke this morning to the ring of my door bell. Looking out the window I realized it was the Canada Post delivery truck so I rushed downstairs knowing what had arrived…my August Glymm Box! :]
August Glymm Box
For those of you who do not know Glymm Box is a monthly subscription unlike any other. You can subscribe monthly for only $10 a month, yearly for $110, or an incremental period (e.g. 3, 6, 9, 12 months) and receive a luxurious box each month with 4-5 beauty samples from prestigious brands!

Glymm Box Subscription
The unique thing about Glymm Box is that you earn points by purchasing your Glymm Box that can be used to save $10 off products from the online Glymm Beauty Boutique (that is opening soon) for every 100 Glymm Points accumulated. You can also gain points by referring your friends!

At this time, Glymm only ships within Canada. However, Glymm is working on shipping Glymm Boxes to the US so be sure to sign-up at https://www.glymm.com/ so you will be notified of this exciting news!

Now on to the lovely goodies in the August Glymm Box :)
August Glymm Box

August Glymm Box
The packaging for the Glymm Box is pink and sleek! Perfect for using as storage on your vanity!
August Glymm Box
Take off the top and voila! 
Everything is so neatly packed. The ribbon adds the perfect touch!
August Glymm Box
 On top you will see a little postcard that has a little story about what you can do with the products for that particular month- so thoughtful!
Glymm Box
The back of the card explains what each product is and conveniently lists the price of the full size product! 
Glymm Box Jelly Belly
As a little bonus treat, Glymm includes a cute little jar full of Jelly Bellys! 
Glymm Box Smashbox Afterglow lipgloss

Glymm Box Smashbox Afterglow lipgloss
 The first beauty sample in the Glymm Box is this gorgeous peachy-pink lip gloss by Smashbox in the color Afterglow. It’s a shimmery, sheer gloss that smells AMAZING and is not too sticky.

Glymm Box Benefit 'that gal' brightening face primer
 Next we got Benefit’s ‘that gal’ brightening face primer! It’s a pink primer that turns transparent when blended into your skin and makes your makeup application smoother and last longer.
Glymm Box OPI nail polish
 Another item in the August Glymm Box is this nice pale pink nail polish by O.P.I.! I wish it listed the name! (It reminds me of O.P.I.'s Mod About You and Sweetheart)

Glymm Box My Face Works facemask
Lastly, a Green Tea facemask by My Face Works. I’m really excited to try this one!

If you are a makeup fanatic this will be the perfect subscription for you as Glymm focuses on sending products that are hot so you can try them first hand before you spend your money on a full size product! You can tell all the time and effort Glymm puts into their Glymm Box! Each month you will feel like it is your birthday as you get this lovely box full of goodies! Order your Glymm Box today https://www.glymm.com


  1. omg hun!!!!!!!! omggg!!!! i wonder if we all get the same stuff?? WE BETTER DO!!! cuz i want every single thing u got there!! specially the green jellys!! omgggg i cant wait to get mine soon!! Mom called me that I got a package and its pink!! im like.. ohhh yeaa thats my glymm box!! LOL but im at bf's place and wont be able to go back till next week T_T soo sad!!! =[

  2. @ThisIsAlx hahah you are so cute! I'm pretttty sure you will be getting exactly the same things all the way down to those green jelly bellys :]
    I can't wait until they open their online boutique!!

  3. FYI Friend of mine got hers today, different coloured Opi polish and a different face product.
    She loves it anyway!

  4. @Caateryna Thanks for letting me know! I asked someone else and she said she got a different color nail polish and lip gloss and a pore minimizer from benefit. I thought everyone got the same things...

  5. Wow these look wonderful! I tried to get Glymm for August but it was sold out =/ so I will wait for Septembers!The jelly bellys look good =)