Monday, November 25, 2013

Two-Tier Velvet Jewellry Display

I have found my new favourite store. 

No, it's not a clothing store. It's a Canadian store that sells a variety of organizational and storage products. The store is called Solutions- Your Organized Living Store. 

I love finding creative ways to store and display things around my house. A few months ago I purchased a double-sided jewelry organizer from Target that looks like a little black dress (See the post here .) I mainly use it to store my earrings, so I wanted to find something to display my bangles, bracelets and watches.

I went to Solutions and I found the perfect display. It's called the Two Tier Jewellery Organizer

The display has a beautiful velvet finishing with two levels. You can use the top to display your necklaces as well as your bracelets. I love how chic the display looks on my vanity!

The organizer retails for $16.99. I purchased mine for $13.99 on sale. I definitely think the display is worth every penny. 

The only downside is that I foresee myself spending more money on new bangles and watches so that I can put them on display ;)

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