Wednesday, December 11, 2013

LORAC Pro Palette

You know that saying “a girl can never have too many shoes”? Well, to the average girl, that saying can be applied to many other things like clothes and jewelry as well. When it comes to make-up though, I think there is a limit to how much make-up a girl should own at once. After all, cosmetics do expire.

I am completely guilty of buying make-up that I usually do not really need. There have been many times I have given in to the hype of new products. In fact, I have purchased products that end up sitting in my drawers because I end up forgetting about them after my excitement wears off. Today, I have learned to limit myself to the things I will use on a regular basis, making it worthwhile to purchase those products. One of those things is the LORAC Pro Palette.   

So often, new eye shadow palettes are released with new bold colours and everybody is so quick to jump on the bandwagon to buy those palettes to add to their collection. The only thing is, many times those palettes end up being pretty things to look at and do not get used very much.

The LORAC Pro Palette is definitely one of those palettes that a girl who enjoys wearing eyeshadow should own. The palette comes with 16 eyeshadows and retails for $55 CDN (compared to 12 eyeshadows for $62 CND for the Urban Decay Naked Palettes). My favourite part about the palette is that it comes with 8 matte shades as well as 8 shimmery shades. I think the matte shades alone make this palette essential because they can be used to achieve any look for day or night. The palette also comes with a travel-sized Behind the Scenes Primer that will help your shadows last longer and appear their true colour.

The top row of includes all matte shades: 
white- a matte white. Good for highlighting under your brow bone   
cream- a matte beige, skin-tone colour. Good for highlighting under your brow bone
 taupe- a beautiful matte medium-brown, perfect for using in the crease and as a transition colour 
light pink- a matte pale pink 
mauve- a matte pink-brown with purple undertones. Another beautiful crease colour 
sable- a matte dark chocolate brown, perfect for darkening the outer v 
espresso- a matte deep coffee-bean brown, perfect for darkening the outer v 
black- a matte black. A staple in any palette- can be used as liner, darkening the crease, outer v

The bottom row includes all the beautiful shimmery shades: 
nude- a shimmery champagne beige. Looks beautiful in the inner corners or as a lid colour 
champagne- a shimmery peachy-pink beige. Also, beautiful in the inner corners or as a lid colour 
gold- a shimmery golden copper 
light bronze-  a shimmery light bronze 
pewter- a shimmery chocolate brown colour with gold undertones 
garnet- a shimmery copper with red undertones. One of my favourite lid colours! 
deep purple- a shimmery deep plum with brown undertones 
slate-  a shimmery charcoal gray with a blue undertone  

I love the array of colours in the Pro Palette because you can use various shades as highlight colours, lid colours, and crease colours. You can easily transition your day look to a night look by using the deeper colours in the palette.

I ordered my Palette from the Sephora website for $35 with a $20 off coupon code I had for the month of December. I was willing to pay full price for it, but hey! A deal is a deal! ;)

I have one word to describe this palette- essential.

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