Thursday, December 8, 2011

iPad 2

I have finally hopped on the Apple bandwagon!

Okay... well I do own an iPod, which is my preferred mp3 player, but I didn't think that I would be conforming to any other Apple products for awhile...

I don't like bringing my laptop to school because it is quite big and heavy to carry around all day. For some time, I have been thinking of an alternative way to be able to browse the internet and check my email while on the go, and the iPad2 is the perfect solution.

The main reason I got the iPad2 was because of its portability and convenience. Everything else about it is just a bonus!

Originally, I thought I would be the last person to be buying the iPad2 as it reminded me of just a larger version of an iPhone or iPod Touch. The reality is that this tablet is so much more than that. Besides all the cool features and applications available on it, the iPad2 is a sleek and sophisticated piece of technology. 

Usually, when I am giving a presentation I like to bring a piece of paper with my notes in case I need to refer to them. However, for one of my presentations I brought my iPad with me instead and let me tell you it was much more professional :)

To protect my iPad I bought a case for it that not only protects the screen and back from getting scratched, but it also allows you to prop the iPad so that it stands up on its own. This is really convenient, especially if you are Skyping, watching videos, or even typing.

Overall, I am loving my iPad2! I don't think it is the most necessary thing to go out and purchase, but for someone like me who is interested in ease of portability and convenience, this sure tops it off!

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