Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Donut Bun

Ahh the Donut Bun.
So many celebrities rock this beautiful, easy updo.

Jessica Alba Donut Bun
Jessica Alba

Lauren Conrad Donut Bun
Lauren Conrad
Kim Kardashian Donut Bun
Kim Kardashian
Personally, I love messy buns because they are simple to do and make your hair look fuller.
The Donut Bun is also simple to do, but instead of giving you a messy look, it gives you a sleek and sophisticated updo.

I bought a chignon shaper (aka donut) from Sally's Beauty Supply a couple months ago and have been using it to create my donut bun. 
Sally's Beauty Supply Donut Bun Shaper

Sally's Beauty Supply Donut Bun Shaper

Sally's Beauty Supply Donut Bun Shaper
Here is how you can recreate this look:

Step 1: Put your hair up in a pony tail. The higher you put your pony tail, the higher your bun will be.

Step 2: Slip the chignon shaper through your pony tail.  
Note! You can make your own chignon shaper with a big sock (use a colour that matches your hair colour) by cutting the end of it and rolling it up to the shape of a ‘donut’. 

Step 3: Cover the chignon shaper with your hair and secure it with an elastic. You now have the main feature complete.

Step 4: To hide the rest of your hair, start pinning strands with bobby pins around the bun. Voila! You're done!

Try it for yourself!


  1. I love this! And wow your hair is gorg...you should do a post on haircare...I'm trying to grow out my hair:)

  2. Your bun turned out real nice like :D I did the exact same thing for New Years day, the only difference was that i used an old long tube sock and made it into a donut.

    p.s. your hair is so long, I'm so jealous! ;0)

  3. Ur hair is sooo long,I love it.I have this donut fing aswell but my hair is too thin so sometimes it doesnt cover the whole donut.
    But I still love mines ;)