Saturday, March 29, 2014

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

This winter in Toronto is definitely one to remember. I experienced my first ice storm that left my neighbourhood without power for a few days. It is now the end of March and we are all still waiting for warm Spring weather to take over! 

The cold, dry weather has taken a toll on my skin. In my previous post I mentioned that I started using the MAC Studio Finish concealer. Although I still like it, my skin was getting way too dry to use the concealer. 

I heard a lot of hype over the MAC Pro Longwear concealer so I decided to opt for this concealer to help me out. 

Product: Compared to the Studio Finish concealer, this concealer has a liquid foundation consistency. I find the concealer to be very pigmented, so you literally do not need to use a lot. (Too bad the pump gives you more than you need...more on that later). I find it very hydrating, which is perfect for my dry skin during the duration of the winter. Personally, I do not use it under my eyes. However, I have read a lot of people talking about how it works well for that purpose. Probably because it is hydrating. My skin is sensitive to a lot of products I use on my face. Thankfully, this concealer has not broken me out whatsoever. It serves its purpose to conceal what it needs to.

Packaging: The downfall of this product is hands down the pump. Even if you carefully try to squeeze the pump to dispense a tiny amount of concealer, a whole blob will come out. I think squeezing the concealer onto the back of my hand is wasteful because I won't use the whole amount. Therefore, I have found a solution that has made the process a lot easier.I have quite a few little Clinique sampling jars so I decided to sanitize them and use them to store the excess amount of concealer that pumps out of the packaging. With one pump I can usually get two applications now.

Application: I like to use the Sigma P80 brush (flat precision brush) to apply the concealer on spots on my face. I find using this brush gives me enough precision and it also blends the concealer enough so that there are no harsh edges. To give my skin that extra moisture and a more dewy finish, I have also been enjoying using a spritz of Fix + to set the concealer. Doing this extra step helps my concealer last all day. I like the small travel size Fix + bottles ($12 CAD) because they are so convenient to throw in your makeup bag. The smell of the Fix + is also really nice and refreshing!

Final Thoughts: The MAC Pro Longwear concealer is definitely more on the pricey side retailing for $23 CAD. However, because you only need the tiniest amount to cover what you want, it will last a long time. That is, of course, if you do not waste the excess product that comes out of the pump. If you do not have any sampling jars lying around your house, you should invest in some because they will come in very handy. Overall, for this dry Canadian weather I have really enjoyed using this concealer. I will have to see how it holds up in the spring and summer...whenever the winter decides to leave. 


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