Friday, September 13, 2013

Umbra Little Black Dress Hanging Double-Sided Jewelry Organizer Review

Every girl owns that 'little black dress' that can be used for multiple occasions. 

The best part about having a 'little black dress' is that you can show off a different look just by changing up the accessories. The only problem you may have is that you can't see a complete overview of your jewelry collection to help you decide what accessories to wear for that special event...

You are probably one of those people who likes to keep your jewelry in their original packaging. Although your jewelry may be safe, you may also forgot that you own it because the box is hidden in the back of your drawers.

You may also be one of those people who likes to put everything in a jewelry box. Although, in this case, all your jewelry is in one place, for some reason it still gets tangled up, especially those necklaces!! Arghh. The other problem may be that the jewelry is starting to tarnish because all the metals are touching each other.     

I was one of those girls who liked to have all her earrings displayed out in the open. My chandelier earrings were all displayed on a cork board so that they were all in plain view. However, recently I was thinking about how cluttered my wall looked with all the earrings on my cork board. I also thought about how much dust the earrings were probably collecting. I started doing some research to look for ways to organize my earrings in a way that I could still see all of them at once, but still have them stored away safely. 

Then I came across the Little Black Dress Jewelry Organizer.

I purchased the Umbra Little Black Dress Hanging Double-Sided Jewelry Organizer from Target for $15.99 (It was marked down from $19.99 :) ). 

I immediately loved the concept of the Little Black Dress organizer because of its clear compartments that allow me to see all of my earrings all at once. I also really liked the concept of the Little Black Dress because of its hanger and the ability for it to be stored in my closet (beside my other dresses ;) ). 

This organizer has 2 sides. The first side has 33 clear jewelry storage pockets, which I have neatly placed my earrings and rings. The other side of the organizer has 20 hoops for your necklaces and bracelets. The hoops are very convenient because they have velcro closures, making it easy to hang even your bangles that may not have clasps!

If you are in need of a different way to neatly and safely store your jewelry I recommend the Little Black Dress jewelry organizer! 

Who said you can't have 2 little black dresses?